Christians Against Poverty

Transforming lives and an end to UK poverty

Transforming lives, thriving churches and an end to UK poverty. Our team love this vision. We want to see the weight of debt lifted in our community, bringing light and hope into the lives of our clients. Through our journey we pray with each individual from the first visit to debt free and beyond! The work of CAP is truly amazing and is transformational both for our clients and those who volunteer with us.

What is Christians Against Poverty?

Christians Against Poverty, or CAP, is a free debt counselling charity which works across the UK and beyond to see an end to poverty. Our official CAP website is packed full of amazing information about the work we do so please take the time to read through it.

Our team is made up of debt coaches, befrienders and administrators who all work tirelessly to help bring change to our clients lives. Ross, Scott, Irene, Tim and Janet make up our core team.

If you would like to get in touch with us please email our centre manager, Ross, on:

Winter Warmth Scheme

At CAP we see so many people in desperate situations, unable to heat their homes and with the Scottish winter rapidly closing we knew we needed to find something that would help our clients keep warm. From this was born the Winter Warmth Scheme!

The Winter Warmth Scheme aims to reduce the effects of the cold, therefore reducing the amount they have to put their heating on, by offering them all of the following items:

Oversized Sherpa Fleece Hoodie (commonly known as an Oodie)

200 x 150 cm Fleece Blanket

2L Hot Water Bottle with a Cover

Thermal Hats

Thermal Socks

I have linked below the company who have generously worked with us on making this project a reality should you wish to purchase one of their products for yourself!