Find out how to donate to KBC

Donations from our congregation, our local community and those further afield are the central cog that keeps everything we do here at KBC running. From heating the building to running outreach events we are so grateful for all we are enabled to do through this.

How does my donation help?

There are two key components to a donation.

Firstly, the actual donation itself. This is received by our treasurer into the church bank account and is distributed to the appropriate fund. You can even put a reference in your donation if you would like it to be put toward a specific cause (e.g. toward a Youth weekend away)!

Secondly, the gift aid. Through your authorisation we can claim “gift aid” on your donation. This is simply a process where the government provide charities with 25p for every £1 that has been donated. This is such a crucial aspect to donation so if you are donating to us and haven’t done so already PLEASE provide consent to claim gift aid. This process is of no cost to you but makes such a difference to the financing of all we do.

Wanting to donated to KBC?

Firstly, thank you for any and all donations you have made/make to KBC. We value every penny donated to us as it enables us to continue to do all our amazing work! If you would like to set up a recurring donation then we would encourage you to do this directly to the church bank account. Please email us for account details and a gift aid form.

Click the button below to be taken to our Churchsuite giving page for a one off donation. Please remember to select an appropriate fund to allocate your donation to. Also, if you haven’t already please remember to provide us with consent to claim gift aid on your donation.