Pastoral Care

Caring from the crib to the grave

Our Pastoral Care team are dedicated to the wellbeing of our church family. Whether it’s bringing cards at the birth of a baby or spending time with someone receiving palliative care the pastoral team want to bring God’s love into every situation. They love getting to see someone on a faith journey and getting the opportunity to remind each and every one of us of God’s promises!

What do the Pastoral Care team do?

A very good question. Here is just a short list of things our pastoral care team get involved in:

Visitation in nursing homes/hospitals

Communion for shut ins

Whatsapp co-ordination of visit lists

Visiting new babies

Visiting those with terminal illness

Small groups

Caring for new members

Every single thing they do is with one key purpose. To read the bible and bring God into every situation. Through this they have seen people’s faith being rekindled, people’s lives changed by God’s promises and comfort to those in need.

If you would appreciate prayer or to chat to someone on the pastoral care team then get in touch with Anne Healy via email: