A quiet shared space where it’s okay not to be okay. A place to attend to the 5 principles of well being, undertaking hobbies and activities over a cuppa¬† whilst exploring rhythms of prayer.

Being Present - Being Prayerful - Being in Partnership

What is Refresh?

Refresh (Renew Wellbeing) meet on a Thursday at 11am to 1pm in the Upper Room of Kirkintilloch Baptist Church. This is a women’s group where it’s okay not to be okay.

It is:
Рa café style inclusive community space run by the local church
– a space to belong to share hobbies and connect with other women in building meaningful relationships of authenticity
– a shared place to attend to our mental and emotional well being (we promote the 5 ways to well being)
– a space where ‘ everyone knows your name’ all are equal and valued
– a quiet place established around a rhythm of Christian prayer (optional)