Youth and Young Adults

Developing roots and growing vines

Our team of staff and volunteers who make everything youth and young adults function have got a passion for seeing those in this age bracket deepen their spiritual roots into nutritious soil, whether through house groups or a Sunday morning, and from there grow tall, fruitful vines that are released into wherever God has placed them. We love seeing our youth and young adults get their hands dirty by helping cultivate the soil for those younger than them which is why we encourage them all to be involved in some form of ministry.

What is our Youth and YA Ministry?

If you have 60 seconds please watch our video which should give you a little flavour of what goes on in this ministry!

We have such a wide range of things for people in this age range to get involved with. Whether it is coming along on a Sunday morning or getting involved with a housegroup, we would encourage all our young people to grasp each opportunity with both hands, allowing God to mould them in their time there.


We have a Youth and Young Adult housegroup for every age bracket. This is a time where they can come together in a smaller group, form lasting friendships and most importantly dedicate time to exploring God’s word.

These housegroups often form the foundation of a young person’s faith journey in such crucial years. We hope that through this they will develop a strong support network of Christians their age as well as having a group to be able to turn to with any of life’s big questions!

Contact our Youth Pastor, Rob Fraser-Binns on;  

Youth Gaming

Youth Gaming was launched in 2021 as a way of connecting young people in the places they were, which during lockdown we found was behind their PC/console screen! In November 2021 we decided it was time, much like the world around it, to move into an in-person space.

Since then the ministry has grown, seeing new additions to KBC’s gaming selection as well as new faces of those attending! Whether you want to get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car racing round Silverstone , test your balance in Plank’s Experience through our Virtual Reality headset or even just play a game of Monopoly, Youth Gaming has it all.

Contact the youth team via the kbcyouth_ Instagram page for the Discord invite link and details of our next in person event.

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